You remember the awesome workshops, the heart and soul of Visual Playground Festival? Eight days of intense creative training and unparalleled creative fun? Nine speakers of international fame and out-of-this-world generosity? The dream school?

Well, the dream just got bigger and better, ‘cause FCB Bucharest Advertising Agency is offering 4 scholarships! This means 4 outstanding students out of the 24 total participants will get these fabulous scholarships, covering the complete fee for the workshops.

Think of this as a fairy godmother intervention, who comes at night in your sleep, takes your biggest wish and makes it true.


Think you have what it takes to impress us? Then sign up for the workshops and, after that, fill in the scholarship application – you basically have to tell us why you deserve an all-expenses-covered spot.

Pro tip: Don’t be shy and don’t be modest. Be professional and honest.


And do it now-now-now, because the clock is ticking and the 18th of March is the deadline for the workshops applications.

*In order to apply for the workshops, you have to be a Romanian resident and you must have an online portfolio with at least five eye-catching works.


The 24 successful applicants, as well as the 4 scholarships recipients will be announced on the 21st of March. Workshops run between the 2nd and the 12th of April, and all our students get free entrance to the Visual Playground Conference as well (6th & 7th of April).


Deadline: 18th of March, 23:59

Apply for the workshops:

Apply for the scholarships:

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