Ever wondered how it happens? How creatives gather around, how they invoke the fairy god of creativity and the stern god of functional design and how they make the magic happen? Rumour has it that it occasionally involves human-ego sacrifice. Well, gather around and we'll tell you all about it.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…It was 2011, Paula was cooking a longtime plan to change the face of Romanian art-education and she was doodling on a notebook. This was the birth of the VISUAL PLAYGROUND logo.


Two years ago…

How cool was the 2017 VISUAL PLAYGROUND campaign? Well, pretty cool, it got featured on Behance and showcased in some awesome magazines. This is good, right? Hell no, because now we had some pretty big shoes to fill.


Right here, right now

Evelin said – We’re all about exploring a new and exotic world of illustrations and design, right? Also, FLAMINGOS! And Romina said: Check out this octopus with pencils for hands. And Maria said – I had this vision of a lighthouse… And Paula said – I have this cool idea about exactly how we should do this, also, look at the pretty colors… And Miruna said – Ok, I’ll get the laser guns.


So we put it all in a bag. Then we shook the bag really hard and lo and behold, tons and tons of little sketches tumbled out, and then they grew up into full-color illustrations.


After that, we’re afraid it’s all a blur. We vaguely remember party balloons and plasticine birds wandering around, the smell of burnt wood, gunshots and someone yelling something about a deadline.


Ok, maybe not gunshots.


But when the sawdust settled down, and the spray paint mist cleared out, and the last echo of the camera shutter died – there we had it, the 2019 campaign.


Art: Evelin Bundur, Maria Surducan, Paula Rusu, Miruna Modîlcă-Belgun

Graphic Design & Layout: Miruna Modîlcă-Belgun & Paula Rusu

All photography by: Romina Banu


Shout-out to NOD Makerspace for their help.


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