We firmly believe that desktops and phone backgrounds should be beautiful even on our bad days, so we've put together a wallpaper collection for you to enjoy. Each piece is illustrated by VISUAL PLAYGROUND speakers, participants or organizers, and is preset on various screen resolutions to fit your needs. This section updates frequently, so keep an eye on us if you ever need a wallpaper change.

tobias hall

In between lettering, design and even murals, Tobias’ incredibly versatile skill set is something every well-rounded creative aspires to. Whether you’re ogling his intricate labels, complete with his own illustrations, or drooling over his yummy hand lettering, you’re sure to find something to love in his portfolio.

evelin bundur

Evelin is a freckled illustrator from Bucharest, Romania and one of the co-founders of Visual Playground. She has experienced wildlife in advertising for 5 years as an art director, but presently she is focusing on her own orbit as a domestic freelancer. Evelin is deeply in love with orange cats and she’s also a spiritual host of a true passion for kimchi. She ended up combining the two so she got an orange cat named Kimchi.


Rick Berkelmans is Hedof, a one-man design studio with clients like Computer Arts Magazine, Heineken, Sony, Ikea and Google. His strong shape language and bold colors form an instant attraction for any creative eye. With a casual but clever way of approaching illustration, Hedof creates eye-catching murals. We hope you’ll enjoy this gorgeous illustration he made for the Visual Playground mural in 2017.

livia fălcaru

Livia is a visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest. A Romanian illustrator who often seems to find herself fascinated by random figures of people in the streets and oversized house-plants. Her work is influenced by the various emotions we may all feel but above all by her personal experiences and her day to day life.

ioana sopov

Ioana is an illustrator and animator currently based in Bucharest, Romania. She has worked in the field for over 7 years, experimenting with both traditional and digital techniques. Ioana especially loves character design work, especially when it comes to pirates. Besides her work, Ioana co-founded Visual Playground and has now remained one of the best friends of the festival.

paula rusu

Paula is a 30 year old graphic designer and illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania. She co-founded Visual Playground and she is deeply passionate about everything related to visual arts. After 5 years of working in advertising, she took the risk of working on her own as a freelance illustrator and now works with clients from all over the globe.


Minunache is a graphic designer currently based in Bucharest, Romania. Employee by day, freelancer by night, she uses design as an organisational tool to simplify her own tasks, but also others’. Incredibly optimistic. Star Wars is life.

romina banu

Romina is a freelance photographer, always on the run. She also loves 3D art, video editing, writing and sometimes sleeping. She’s a co-founder of Dissolved Magazine, an online magazine made of and for Romanian youngsters. Never said no to a good ol' black tea with milk.


Hara is a self-taught artist who enjoys exploring surreal themes. Her inspiration comes from people, fashion, beauty, nature, art and hidden feelings. For Hara, making art is a way of finding out who she is and how much she can grow. She’s interested in projects from fields such as fashion, music and editorial.

maria surducan

Maria works as a freelance illustrator and comic book author from her studio in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She believes images are an imprecise, and therefore slightly a more accurate means of translating reality than words. She has worked on advertising projects, graphic novels and picture books. After being a student at Visual Playground 2017, Maria switched purposes and is now part of the team.

visual playground

The 2017 Visual Playground campaign involved various art objects and stationery gathered from flea markets and shops all around Bucharest. We carefully sprayed them, photographed them in the most flattering light and then we worked our magic until the end (eye-candy) results. We hope you’ll enjoy this wallpaper memorabilia from our last edition. We surely do.