Remember the 2017 Visual Playground Open Nights? We really can't get those three evenings out of our minds. Steve Simpson told us about traveling the world and doodling on cars, Mattias Adolfsson showed us his whimsical drawings with a Romanian twist, Tobias Hall gave us insightful art advice, Malika Favre explained serendipity and the ride to fame, Yukai Du talked about the life of an animation prodigy genius and the local art community chimed in with their tales and tribulations. And then we all had a glass of wine in the cozy Expirat garden, underneath the moonlight. Ah, the stuff of legend.

So, here comes 2019 – and it can only get bigger and better. The team gathered and pondered: Hey, how can we make it even more awesome? How can we make it as accessible as possible?

And here you have it – get ready for nine talks instead of six, and instead of three evenings, be prepared for two days of conference. It will be a marathon of knowledge, sharing and networking – and it will be all during the weekend, so no more worries about having to cram it between work hours.


Let us tell you about some of the highlights that get us really excited. Did you know Futura’s co-founder Iván García never listened to Pink Floyd? Does your mother know what you do for a living? Neither do the mums of Clinton & Brad from Muti. And, finally, have you ever wondered how illustration agencies (which don’t grow in our country, yes, we know) work? Jon from Handsome Frank will be here to tell us.


And many, many more! Go check out the schedule and then get your tickets, ‘cause we don’t have many of them. We know the saying “The more, the merrier”, but chumminess is what we’re all about.


Expirat Halele Carol will host us once more in the aptly titled “Supercharger Hall”, so wine and starlight are once again on the menu.


Be there or be a rectangular thing!


Dates: 6th and 7th of April 2019

Location: Expirat Halele Carol, Strada Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, Bucharest

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