We’re bringing some of the biggest names in design and illustration to our workshops and conferences in 2017 so the answer to the question “do we really want to blow your mind with our line-up this year?” is yes.


With a longstanding career of amazing graphic design and art direction, David is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and influential designers out there. Heralded as one of the most inventive users of experimental typography, he’s changed the way we think about design and made his mark in the history books. His impressive list of hundreds of interviews, features and accolades won’t ever fit in our layout, so to say we’re thrilled to have him as our guest this year is probably the understatement of the century.


Malika’s work just has that je-ne-sais-quois that fascinates no matter what form it takes. Flawless fashion geometry, magazine covers or printed goods, they’re all mesmerizing. She’s worked with clients like the New York Times, Sephora, Vanity Fair and Penguin Books, just to name a few. Her iconic style is characterized by clever use of colors and spotless compositions, tackling a variety of subjects in bold images that just make your retinas tingle in the best way possible. Having her join us this year is nothing if not a dream come true.


Debbie’s books are among the essentials that every graphic designer keeps in their shelf. She’s been an inspiration for decades and one of those people whose quotes we’d like to get tattooed somewhere special. Her podcast, Design Matters is the longest of its kind and has hosted over 300 creatives, writers, designers and entrepreneurs. If that’s not enough for you, we’ll just casually mention her solo exhibition at the Chicago Design Museum and watch you freak out, because we sure did when she agreed to join us this year.


Master illustrator Steve Simpson is one of the most famous of the trade. His vibrant, fun and striking style looks amazing on anything from labels to book covers, puzzles and even toys. You’ll find something of everything in his extensive portfolio: editorial illustration, festival posters, menu covers and maps; all of them in bright palettes and decorative patterns coming together to form the yummiest eye candy. After all, there’s a reason why his illustration graces the cover of a book entitled “How to become a successful illustrator”.


Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds, and Yukai’s amazing illustration and animation skills are a testament to that. She’s not only a versatile illustrator with an instantly recognizable body of work but also an accomplished director. Creative color palettes and geometric patterns are her trademark but her spectacular style does not detract from the carefully crafted conceptual side of her images, and her animations whether long or short are a joy to watch. We’re so proud of having her in our amazing line-up this year.


If there ever was a sketchbook deity, then Mattias would be its human incarnation. His incredibly detailed constructs exist in a quirky, fascinating personal universe that is brought to life within his sketchbooks. It’s safe to say that one could spend hours upon hours exploring this whimsical world. Mattias’ interest in mathematics and architecture have definitely impacted his work but looking through the many pages of beautifully illustrated ink drawings that he’s produced over the years, we sure are glad he chose to become an illustrator in the end.


Tobias is a master of lettering, design and even murals. His incredibly versatile skillset is something every well rounded creative aspires to. Whether you’re ogling his intricately designed labels - complete with his own illustrations - or drooling over his yummy hand lettering, you’re sure to find something to obsess over in his portfolio no matter your field of interest. He’s worked with Youtube, Netflix and Converse, just to name a few, so if you’ve read this far you are as excited as we are about having him workshop with us in this year’s event.


Who doesn’t have a soft spot for beautifully rendered traditional animation? And by traditional animation we mean super yummy, hand-crafted, frame by frame digital animation, of course. Henrique’s work is magical, having been featured in videos for Google, Slack and many others. His amazing versatility and mastery of 2d animation techniques have made him into our personal animation hero. If you need an extra reason to be excited, he also loves teaching and has recently started a series of online courses in which he’s sharing his wisdom.


Rick Berkelmans is Hedof, a one-man design studio with clients like Computer Arts Magazine, Heineken, Sony, Ikea and Google. It’s easy to see where his success comes from, his strong shape language and bold colors form an instant attraction for any creative eye. His work features a lot of weird and interesting characters, and a casual but clever way of approaching illustration. We love that he’s joining us almost as much as he loves the art of printmaking that adds a nice vintage look to his very modern imagery.


Fabrik is an interdisciplinary printing house. Founded in the early '00s, it mixes today's technology with techniques from the 15th century to create neat paper objects, from stationery products to artist books. Their book "Cartea de vizită", made in collaboration with 72+87, has been included in the permanent collections of The German Museum of Books and Writing, The National Book Museum of the Netherlands and displayed within the World Book Design 2014-2015 exhibition at the Printing Museum of Tokyo. Fabrik also obtained the Honorary Appreciation within the Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2015.


To apply as a participant for visual playground 2017 you must fill out our application form. You are required to be at least 18 years old, be a Romanian resident, have an online portfolio of at least 5 works and accept our terms of service.

The participation fee is 1000 LEI and must be paid only if your
application is successful, before the start of the event.

It includes full access to the visual playground 2017 programme. It also includes access to visual playground open nights #1 - Steve Simpson & Mattias Adolfsson.




26th of July - 6th of August

seats available:


registrations open:

21st of June - 10th of July

entry fee:

1000 LEI