Picture this. The 9th of April. The first half of Visual Playground has gone by. It’s been an unbelievable edition and it deserves a proper send-off. So...

…prepare to be amazed.

…prepare for intense visual pleasure.

…prepare for the Baugasm Solo Show.


Designers call him an artist. Artists call him a designer.


In the beginning, there was his love for electronic music, an amazing eye for composition and the power of determination. So starts the story of Vasjen Katro, Albanian designer extraordinaire and creator of the Baugasm project. He promised to do 365 posters in 365 days. Three years later, the project is still ongoing – a testament not only of his talent but also of his ability to turn the power of social media into personal motivation.

The prolific artist has worked for big names such as Adobe, Coca-Cola, and Converse has given talks and taught a new generation of emerging designers.


And now… he comes to Bucharest, as part of Visual Playground 2019. Not only can you hear him speak at the VP Conference, but his exhibition will also be the final gift of this year’s festival.


Starting the 10th of April, Qreator will open its gates to the public for Vasjen Katro’s Baugasm Solo show. The exhibition will feature works from the last 2 years and a half, completed with videos, projections and interactive displays – a testament of how the evolution of technology gives new shapes to our enjoyment of art. Whether you are a designer, an artist, a lover of beauty or just plain curious, come join us, grab a glass of wine, listen to the eclectic sounds of Khidja and celebrate.


Opening night: 9th of April, 8 PM – invite-only

The exhibition will be on display from the 10th of April to the 14th of April.

Location: Qreator, Bulevardul Aviatorilor 8A, Bucharest