We wished for a fancy, proper festival opening for this year’s Visual Playground, so here’s what we planned for y’all.

We like to start with a “bang!”, so we realized there’s no better way to begin this year’s sparkly edition than with an awesome exhibition by remarkable artist and friend-of-the-festival Karolis Strautniekas. He was one of our most beloved speakers in 2016, he came back to say hi in 2017 and now the Lithuanian illustrator brings us his… gasp!… first solo exhibition!


Karolis Strautniekas Solo Show” comprises his best editorial and personal work from 2013 until now. In his approach, Karolis strives to transform each commissioned work into a personal story. All of his compositions balance carefully placed colors and textures, and the eerie, slightly surreal, slightly nostalgic atmosphere will haunt you long after – in the best possible way.


So… come as you are, see his digital works come to life in print and meet the artist at Mobius Gallery at the official opening of Visual Playground 2019. We’re all gonna be there, workshop attendees and speakers included.


And as we all know, art pairs well with wine – brought to you by Serve, our classy partner-in-crime.


When: 2nd of April 2019, 7 PM

Where: Mobius Gallery (2 Mendeleev D.I. Street, Bucharest)

The exhibition is open until April 13th.

Admission is, of course, free. Just make sure to bring your good vibes with you!