The fascination for beautiful and intricate letters takes over Bucharest this July with one amazing and not-to-be-missed calligraphy workshop.



Revista pentru Povestiri organizes a calligraphy workshop that takes place once every two months and sometimes even more often. So far the workshop held by Georgian Constantin (Another Outsider) and Sorin Trăistaru (Bine Scris) reunited more than 270 people that learned about letters and writing from scratch over the course of two awesome weeks.



“At our calligraphy workshop you will try and forget about everything you learned in school about writing. You will learn the basic movements and we will study two calligraphic styles. We’ll also look into modern calligraphy using tools that you can make on your own and we will experiment with some color splashes. Plus, you can keep the tools and what you create here. As a bonus, we’re available to go out and grab a beer and share some of our vast life experience after the workshop.” (Georgian & Sorin)





The workshop takes place again this July and if you enroll fast enough, you can become part of this wonderful community of people who cherish beautiful letters. You will start by drawing different kinds of lines, sticks and circles until you get accustomed with the nib, paper and ink, but also with the angles and writing position. After this process you will study Foundational Hand, which is the basic writing. Last but not least, you will learn some things about the gothic script and modern calligraphy.








Useful info:

The hosts of the workshop are two masters of calligraphy who will teach you everything they know about the art of beautiful writing: Sorin Trăistaru, who you probably heard of as Bine Scris and Georgian Constantin, also known as Another Outsider.

You can find more details about the workshop here.