DoR Live is an event that translates the concept and the dynamics of a magazine on stage with the help of lots of creatives, artists and journalists.

DoR (Decât o Revistă) is a Romanian quarterly magazine and one of our favorite publications because it reflects on and explains the ideas and obsessions of our country nowadays. DoR publishes stories about how we live today and it explores the familiarity of Romanian reality, talking about experiences that are common and important to us. They are trying to prove us that storytelling and narrative journalism are a key element in social change.



In 2013 they decided for the first time to take the magazine to another level and give it life by relocating it to the stage for a day. They invited some of the most awesome and relevant journalists and artists of the moment to tell stories and create a two-hour experience of readings, performances, live music, short films, dance, theater and other surprises for anyone willing to join them.



In May 2017 the magazine came back to life again with a very fun and emotional edition that approached the subject of generations, how we relate to others and the differences or similarities between us. Guests like The Mono Jacks, Lucia, Adi Bulboacă, Sorina Vazelina, Lavinia Braniște and many more put up a great show for us.



The event comes back this July with DoR Live & Loud, where we will turn our eyes to people we haven’t seen, new projects from people we already know and experiences we have not yet lived together.